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Please remember that Monday, January 25th is teacher in-service. There is no school for students on Monday.




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Sunday, Jan 10

Dear LPS Family,

This week's update is available, and today is your last chance to respond to the survey regarding second semester enrollment.  

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Thursday, Jan 8

Dear LPS Community,

Please take the time to respond to our second semester enrollment survey. Your voice is important, and we would like to hear from every member of our community. The survey will be accepting responses until Sunday, January 10th at 11:59 PM, and the results will be shared during the regular board meeting on Monday, January 18th.

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Sunday, September 27

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Sunday, September 20

Dear LPS Families,

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I hope you are enjoying the last summer weekend with your family!

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Sunday, September 13

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Tuesday, September 8

Dear LPS Families,

Just a quick note to parents of our 6th-9th grade students...

It was wonderful to welcome our 10th-12th grade students into the building today! I was so impressed with the way that our students conducted themselves and with their adherence to the safety protocols we have established. I expect that tomorrow, with your 6-9 students, will be the same. Our safety plan includes leaving doors and windows open throughout the day to help with air circulation. The high tomorrow is 57°, which means that it will be chilly inside our building all day long. Dressing in layers is a great idea.

A quick reminder that busses will be dropping students off at 8:05 AM on Grand Avenue, so we are asking anyone arriving by car not to arrive before 8:10 AM to avoid congestion and conflict with the big yellow busses. Please remember, we are treating Grand Avenue as if it is a one-way street running from south to north. Thanks for your help with this.

The first day of school is my favorite day of the year. How lucky am I to have 4 "first days" this year? Gotta look for the joy wherever you can find it. There's mine for today. :)

The LPS staff is eager and ready to greet our 6-9 students in the morning.

Tomorrow will be an exceptionally great day to be a COMET!



Monday, September 7

Dear LPS Families,

Please follow this link to read the LPS Weekly Update online. 

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Jeanne McClure Gross


Monday, August 31

Dear Leland Families,

Timeless Image School Photographers will be taking your child(ren)'s school pictures the week of September 8-11. This is the only time that the school photographer will visit Leland Public School this year. All students in attendance will have their photo taken for our school records, and Leland families can choose to purchase a picture package from the photographer if they so choose.

  • 10th-12th grade students on Tuesday, September 8
  • 6th-9th grade students on Wednesday, September 9
  • 3rd-5th grade students on Thursday, September 10
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade students on Friday, September 11

If you would like to order photos this year, safe and secure ordering is provided online at Timeless Image School Photographers. The code for Leland Public School is 4120. Once you are logged into the Timeless Image site, you will be able to select the package you want, the background color desired, and then pay using your debit/credit card. The provided code will be valid until September 14th. After that, parents wanting to order picture packages will need to call our main office and ask to speak with Mrs. Graham.

Superintendent Stephanie Long and I will be holding two Zoom town hall meetings this week. The first is for CTC students and families on Tuesday, September 1 at 6:00 PM. The second is for all families who are new to Leland Public School this year on Wednesday, September 2nd at 6:00 PM. Zoom links for both calls can be found on our website. Please join us!

Best regards,

Jeanne McClure Gross


Sunday, August 30

Dear LPS Families,

Please follow this link to read the LPS Weekly Update online.

Alternatively, you may download and read a .pdf version: Weekly Update August 30.pdf 

Always a great day to be a COMET!

Jeanne McClure Gross


Thursday, August 27

Dear Leland Families,

We are continuing to explore opportunities to support your childcare needs. In order to help us help you, we'd like to gather some preliminary information. If you have children in ages 5-12 and you anticipate needing childcare during the day while your child is engaged in remote e-learning with LPS, please respond to this survey

Many thanks,

Jeanne McClure Gross


Friday, August 21

Dear LPS Families,

This is a quick reminder that the survey regarding your enrollment intentions will close tonight at midnight. We have heard from many families, but we are really hoping to hear from all of you! It only takes a minute to complete the form. Please take the time to let us know your intentions so that we can plan for your child(ren)'s return to school. Families who do not respond will be automatically enrolled at Leland Public School for the 2020-21 school year.  

If you are still in need of additional information, please visit our website. There you will find a copy of the presentation slides, a video recording of the presentation,  and links to video recordings of the seven town hall meetings held over the past ten days. 

As many of you have commented, there were  many variables to consider and the decision regarding our opening plan was not made lightly or easily. I so appreciate the input and feedback from our community that helped us move forward in a way to support as many families as possible. I wish we could have come up with a solution that would have made everyone happy. I hope we are able to make it work for yours. 

Kind regards,

Jeanne McClure Gross

Link to LPS Survey


Monday, August 3

August 3, 2020

Dear Leland Families, 

We are excited to share our plan to return to school this fall. Our Return to Learn Task Force, which included staff, teachers, students, parents, board of education members, health department officials, and administrators has been working all summer.  While clearly not a “business as usual” model due to the ongoing pandemic, we have every confidence that the LPS plan outlines a high quality, rigorous, compassionate, and safe learning experience for our students, whether we are in-person or have to remain or return to remote e-learning. 

As you will see outlined below, the timeline for our launch and approval is tight. Our next steps as we move toward September:

- Parent review of the plan 
- Question and answer virtual town hall meetings tomorrow or Wednesday
- Respond to parent survey before August 7th
- Board work session to review and finalize the plan on August 11
- Superintendent submits the plan to the ISD and State of Michigan for approval before August 15th
- Enrollment forms for Option 1 (LPS in person or remote) or Option 2 (virtual school) due on August 21st

LPS’s decision to begin school in person on September 8th or to begin the school year at home with our remote, e-learning alternative

In addition, if we hope to return to school in person, we all need to be working to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following safety guidelines: wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, avoid large social gatherings, and maintain social distance whenever possible. 

Please visit our website to read a quick summary of our plan or the full plan. The links to the Zoom town halls and the link to the survey are also posted there. 

Once the plan has been approved by the State of Michigan, the final version will be posted on the website. We will hold off as long as possible before making the decision whether to return in person or remotely. This is difficult for everyone, and while it’s extremely hard to live in the land of the unknown, in order to provide the safest educational experience for children, we need to continually monitor the situation. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and continued support. 


Jeanne McClure Gross, Principal

Tuesday, May 26

Dear Leland Families,

I have a few items to share with you this evening:

Last Day of School!
The last day of school for students will be Friday, June 5th. Teachers will continue to post new assignments until Friday, May 29th, and the week of June 1st-5th will be dedicated to closing activities for students. Your child’s teacher will be communicating information about final class meetings, virtual celebrations, and wrap-up activities with your child via Seesaw or Google Classroom.

Senior Academic Awards
A pre-recorded Senior Academic Awards program will be available for viewing the evening of Thursday, May 28th. A link to the program will be sent via SchoolMessenger to all Leland families on Thursday afternoon. The following morning, LPS teachers will be delivering the awards, a senior t-shirt, and the traditional celebratory Cheese Shanty lunch to students in the Class of 2020. Parents of the Class of 2020 are also planning a drive-by community celebration for their children in the Leland Harbor at 7 PM on Friday, May 29th.

Student Belongings
We are preparing to reunite students with any belongings left at school. Leland staff will be bagging student possessions left in lockers, cubbies, desks, and gym lockers next week. Once we have a better handle on how many bags we need to return, we will publish a pickup schedule based on last name. This will allow parents to claim possessions for their entire family with a single trip to school. Parents will be invited to drive-through our bus line to pick up the bags tagged for their children. Parents and students will not be able to enter the school building. Items not claimed will be disposed of at the end of published pickup times.  

School Belongings
While you are picking up your child’s belongings, you may also drop off ours!  A library return bin will be stationed outside during belongings pickup, and LPS families can plan on returning all library books and textbooks at this time.  

Families have the option to purchase their student's school-issued iPad for $90. Otherwise, families must return the iPads (and chargers) to the school by Thursday, June 11th. A letter from our Tech Team detailing procedures for returns and purchases of school-issued iPads is attached below.

LPS Meal Pickup
LPS will continue to provide free meals for children aged 0-18 through Friday, June 11th. Bags with multiple meals are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM at three locations in the district: Leland Public School, St. Mary School, and Bingham Boat Launch. 

While Leland students will be finished with school on Friday, June 5th, Leland teachers will continue to work together through Thursday, June 11th.  We’ll spend those final days reflecting on what we’ve learned during remote instruction and considering how to retain the valuable understandings that have resulted during this time. During one of the Zoom calls I participated in last week, the speaker was warning schools not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” as they close out the year. Certainly, our staff  has gained some important insights on how to identify and meet the needs of our students, and it is exciting to know that we will be able to spend time figuring out the difference between baby and bathwater that week! We'll also take part in professional development and collaborative planning with an eye towards the 2020-21 school year.

What do you hope to learn or take away from this shared remote learning experience?

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School


Here is the plan for families returning or purchasing student iPads:

  • Families have the option to purchase their student's school issued iPad for $90.
  • Otherwise, families must return the iPads (and chargers) to the school by June 11.

Return Details:

Student-issued iPads along with the charger and cable need to be returned to the school no later than Thursday, June 11.  The Technology Team will be onsite at the PAC entrance to the school to process returns Monday - Thursday from 10am - 2pm starting next week.  If lines of people or cars begin to form in the PAC parking lot we ask that everyone wear masks and practice social distancing.  Please be patient, we will inspect and document returned equipment one person per family at a time.  If families need to drop off equipment in a different time frame they need to call or email me to confirm alternative arrangements.

We will be sending out bills for missing or damaged equipment after June 11th.

Purchase Details:

Families may purchase their student's school issued iPads for $90.  This purchase offer is only good through June 11.  The Technology Team will be onsite at the PAC entrance to the school to process payments Monday - Thursday from 10am - 2pm starting next week. If lines of people or cars begin to form in the PAC parking lot we ask that everyone wear masks and practice social distancing.  We will process payments one person per family at a time.  If families need to drop off payment in a different time frame they need to call or email me to confirm alternative arrangements.

If people choose to pay with cash, please bring exact change only (we will not be able to make change).  If people choose to pay with checks, please make the checks payable to Leland Public School.  If people want to pay with debit or credit cards we will be able to process payments over the phone or onsite, but there will be a small surcharge (about $3) for processing.  Credit or Debit card payments can be called in to (231) 256-3815 or made onsite  Monday - Thursday from 10am - 2pm starting next week, but please be patient as we can only process one payment and one person at a time.

Payment Mail in option:

Make check payable to: Leland Public School

Write students names and grades on memo.

Mail to:

Attn. Technology Dept.
Leland Public School
PO Box 498
Leland, MI 49654

Student iPads will be wiped remotely and school software will be removed remotely after purchase is complete.  iPads are sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied.  We will not accept purchases or payments after June 11th.


Sunday, May 17

Dear Leland Families,

I have a few items to share as we head into the week of May 18th:

LPS Class of 2020
Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Friday, May 22nd is the official last day of school for our fabulous and accomplished Class of 2020, and the celebrations have begun! 

    •    Last Wednesday, LPS seniors drove through a distribution line at school to pick up their caps and gowns. Socially-distant staff and parents lined Grand Avenue to celebrate their achievement!

    •    On Friday, local photographers volunteered to visit the homes of LPS seniors to capture “porch photos” commemorating their unexpected and individual experiences during the school closure. These photos will be shared with our school community during graduation. 

    •    Senior Academic Awards Night will be broadcast on Thursday, May 28th. A link to the program will be shared with the entire LPS community in a separate SchoolMessenger Alert next week. 

    •    Traditionally, the senior class celebrates graduation with a luncheon, and LPS will continue to honor this tradition with the delivery of a boxed lunch to the homes of LPS seniors the morning of Friday, May 29th. This delivery will also include the hardware from Academic Awards and senior t-shirts. :)

    •    Graduation is scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd at 7:00 PM, with a rain date of Friday, July 24th. While we hope to celebrate in a traditional way, the health crisis prevents us from knowing exactly what the graduation ceremony will look like. More information will be shared with seniors, parents, and the LPS community as it becomes available, but please mark the date!

LPS Meal Pickup
LPS continues to provide free meals for children aged 0-18 living in the district. Bags with multiple meals are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM at three locations in the district: Leland Public School, St. Mary School, and Bingham Boat Launch. You do not need to reserve meals in advance, but completing this online meal request form helps us to plan accordingly.

Summer EBT for Children
The Summer EBT for Children (SEBTC) program will be providing free, healthy groceries to students in our district eligible for free and reduced-price school meals this summer.  Eligible students in our school district will receive an SEBTC Bridge Card pre-loaded with $30 worth of nutritious foods per summer month (June, July and August). Healthy foods such as milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables are included in the food package. Families can use the SEBTC card in any WIC authorized store across Michigan. The SEBTC card and information about how to use it will be mailed to eligible households before the end of the 2019-2020 school year. More information is attached below.

REMC Personal Purchase Program
Staff, students, and families can receive education pricing on technology purchases through the REMC 2020 Personal Purchase Program. Several of the awarded vendors on the Regional Education Media Center (REMC) Device Purchasing Bid are offering discounts to staff, students and families on computers and accessories purchased for personal use. More information is attached below. 

Return to Learn Advisory Council
Governor Whitmer formalized a process for determining how schools may be able to reopen in the fall when she announced the formation of the Return to Learning Advisory Council. The panel will be comprised of students, parents, frontline educators, administrators and public health officials and will be tasked with providing the COVID-19 Task Force on Education with recommendations on how to safely, equitably, and efficiently return to school in the Fall. More information is attached below.

Anxiety and Coping with Coronavirus
We’re all on edge because of the coronavirus. Our daily lives have been disrupted, we aren’t sure what tomorrow may bring, and for many of us the nonstop news and social media coverage isn’t helping. Experts say that dealing with your own anxiety can be the most powerful way to make sure your kids feel secure. If you or your children are feeling worried, learning how to deal with that anxiety in a healthy way can help the whole family be more resilient, both now and when the pandemic is finally over. LPS parents, please know we understand how overwhelming the task is, and we celebrate and thank you for your partnership in education! 

One of the things I've enjoyed most during the school closure is learning about your child(ren)'s pets! I'm eager to meet their guinea pigs or chickens! I'd love to see their cats or dogs! I'll be amazed to capture a glimpse of your child(ren) riding their horse or tending their goats!  It seems that it's time to pull together a virtual LPS PET PARADE! Please share a few details and a photo of your pet, and stay tuned for the virtual parade! 

Can't wait to see what you share!

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School

2020 REMC Personal Purchase Program 

SEBTC 2020 Parent Flyer.pdf 

EO 2020-88.pdf 

IMG_0146 2.JPG (photo credit: J. Hlavka)


Sunday, May 3

Dear Leland Families,

I have lots of good things to share as we begin the week:

Staff Appreciation Week
Nationwide, communities will be celebrating STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK! Each and every LPS staff member seeks to inspire students in all aspects of their lives. In many different ways and roles, LPS staff members encourage students to strive for greatness, and they motivate students to realize their full potential and to become the best that they can be. This week gives us a chance to recognize the LPS staff and to offer a sincere thanks for the work they do. 

Student Survey Results
LPS teachers distributed a survey to students last week to solicit feedback on the first two weeks of Active Learning instruction. Across the board, teachers received very similar responses: 75-85% of students are participating in learning every day; >80% report that the work assigned provides a comfortable level of challenge; 75% or more say that the work is taking the expected amount of time according to their grade level; and, while some report slow speeds, most students are able to manage the work assigned with their home internet connection. Teachers also asked students to suggest things that they would like them to continue or stop doing as they are posting lessons. The student feedback was helpful, and teachers will use this to inform their instruction going forward. Thanks to all of the students who took the time to respond. 

I would like to take a moment to provide some guidance for parents whose children are finding that the work is taking them longer than expected. The maximum times we have suggested for daily work are just as important as the minimum expected times, and it’s OK to stop when your child has had enough for the day! Teachers routinely monitor stress levels in the classroom, and they make adjustments accordingly. As parents, you have to be the eyes and ears for warning signs at home. With the exception of Advanced Placement students (who should be pushing as hard as possible in the final week before exams begin) your child(ren) should be striving to stay engaged, to tackle some school work each day to help cement a steady, healthy routine, and to reach out to their teachers when they run into unexpected struggles. When your child has  made a good effort, even if they haven’t completed every part of the lesson, encourage them to stop and submit the assignment to their teacher for feedback. A note explaining where they struggled will allow their teacher to reach out with individualized suggestions.  

Parent Connection Opportunity
The SEL Team continues to meet regularly. They are focused on reaching out to students who haven’t engaged yet, and they will be making calls this week to support those students who haven’t connected with their teacher(s). As part of the effort to provide social and emotional support to our families, LPS social worker, Kelly France, will be leading a Zoom connection opportunity for parents. She will be offering some tips and tricks on how to navigate social distancing. As Kelly points out, everyone has their own struggles and their own experiences at this time - those families with enough physical resources are finding themselves struggling emotionally. These feelings are normal as we grieve the loss of control over many areas in our lives. LPS parents are invited to connect with Kelly over Zoom this week on Wednesday, May 6th from 4:15-5:00 PM or Saturday, May 9th from 9:00-9:45 AM. Additional information, including the Zoom link, is attached to this message.

May is Reading Month at LPS!
Mrs Kelly is inviting our youngest readers to enjoy good books, explore, and have a little fun with their friends this month. The Leland Educational Foundation has generously funded an EPIC book order from Leelanau Books, and students in grades 1-4 are invited to join in the Library Learning Space in Seesaw to access the activities on the attached calendar!  

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!
Finally, CELEBRATIONS for the Class of 2020 kick off this week with the distribution of caps & gowns on Friday! The Class of 2020 will be receiving an invitation to drive through the pick-up line on Grand Avenue to grab their gear on Friday, May 8th at 11:00 AM. Senior parents - you can help by reminding your child to set his or her alarm that morning! :) Protective gear will be worn by LPS staff. Social distancing and the wearing of masks will be required. Watch for more information this week.

Even in the midst of a crisis, there are many things to celebrate. The outpouring of kindness and generosity by people near and far keeps me feeling optimistic. Knowing that we are together in our separateness brings me hope. The last attachment to this message provides some opportunities to consider the role of optimism during times of trouble. I have to admit that one of my favorite examples comes from Monty Python...

Always look on the bright side of life!

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School

Week of May 4 Learning Opportunity.pdf 

Zoom Invitation for Parent Connection.pdf 

May is Reading Month.pdf 


Sunday, April 26

Dear Leland Families,

I have a few items to share as we head into the week:

Active Learning
Active Learning has been underway for a week now, and it is encouraging to see the number of students who are reconnecting with their teachers and classmates! I’ve attached a few pages from the CLP Action Plan outlining suggested minimum and maximum engagement times for elementary, middle school, and high school students. 

Please remember that learning at home will not look the same as learning at school! Our recommendation is backwards planning. Your first priority should be to establish a daily schedule that works for your family. From there, look for times where school work can fit easily into your day. The recommended length of sustained attention ranges from 5 minutes for kindergarten students to 35 minutes for high school students. Encourage your children to be active; frequent movement and activity breaks are healthy for body and brain!

Advanced Placement (AP) Parent Meeting
There will be a Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 6:00 PM for parents of Advanced Placement (AP) students to discuss the at-home exams scheduled to begin on May 11th. Please watch your email for an invitation and link to this meeting if your child is taking an AP class this year.

Social and Emotional Learning
Social and emotional learning is the process of acquiring the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to manage emotions, establish and achieve positive goals, feel empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. These skills are critical to developing competencies  besides academic content knowledge that are necessary to succeed in college and in careers. Leland Public School has an identified SEL Team working together to provide support, resources and opportunities for your child to connect with teachers and classmates. You can find resources on our website, and beginning this week, you will be receiving a weekly SEL newsletter in your inbox.

Meals for Kids
Leland Public Schools continues to provide free meals for any student 0-18 residing in our district. Bags supplied with multiple meals are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in three locations: Leland Public School, St. Mary School, and the Bingham Boat Launch. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Face Masks Needed!
Executive Order No. 2020-59 extends the stay home restrictions until May 15th. You can read the entire order here. One of the provisions in this Order requires that LPS must provide non-medical grade face coverings to our essential workers. We are nearly out of face masks up at school and are requesting assistance from our community. Please help if you are able by making cloth face masks for your LPS staff. These can be dropped off in the vestibule at school. 

Perseverance - Gettin’ Up
Maintaining a healthy rhythm while school is closed is an important aspect of our well-being. Our mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional patterns can influence our sleep cycle, bodily function, and daily outlook and energy. The last attachment today is a weekly learning opportunity roadmap that your family can share together. I know that stay home restrictions are hard to manage, especially as spring begins to bloom. I also know that you have grit that it takes to carry on. The attached article captures the essence of strength with a quote from German Author Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. He wrote: “ In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm; in the real world, all rests on perseverance.”  

Keep going,

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School

Week of April 27.pdf 

Engagement Guidelines.pdf 

Leelanau Christian Neighbors.pdf 


Sunday, April 19

Dear LPS Families,

A quick reminder that Active Learning for LPS students will begin tomorrow. As educators, we are excited for the opportunity to continue moving through essential standards with our students. Our commitment to you remains compassion over compliance, and we will be working closely with our students over the next several days to make sure that they have access to the materials and support that they need to complete their lessons. 

Elementary classroom and secondary advisory teachers reached out to parents and students by phone the latter half of last week to answer questions and invite your child(ren) to re-engage with classroom activities. It was heart-warming to connect with you! Thank you for taking the time to let us know about how your family has been managing during the shelter-in-place order. If you haven’t received a call yet, please know that you will be contacted. The conversations were meaningful; some ran a bit longer than expected, and not every classroom or advisory teacher was able to make it through his or her list entirely. Teachers will be finishing up those calls in the first part of this week.

Our Plan calls for a mixed-media approach, which means that instruction will be available online or through hard-copy instructional packets. Students with online connectivity will find lessons posted on Seesaw or Google Classroom tomorrow morning by 8:00 AM, and families who requested hard-copies will find instructional packets available at meal pick-up sites on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM or in the school vestibule at any time. I've attached a copy of the Plan overview that was shared on Tuesday to this message in case you would like to refer back to it again.

There are bound to be a few bumps in the road this week. We’ve tried to anticipate every possible scenario, but it’s almost certain that something unexpected will come up. Please reach out to me if you or your child(ren) are having difficulty connecting with teachers and activities. 

I’m here to help!

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School

Leland Public School CLP 2020.pdf 


Friday, April 17

Dear Leland families,

I am writing today to share important information regarding benefits associated with free & reduced lunch assistance. You DO NOT need to apply for free & reduced meal assistance to continue or begin receiving meals during the COVID-19 school closure. During the COVID-19 closure, LPS will continue, to provide free meals for any student 0-18 living in our district.

However, there may be additional benefits associated with free & reduced meal assistance for your family, particularly if you have recently experienced a change in income. These benefits may include additional federal assistance through a P-EBT card or reduced fees for Advanced Placement Exams scheduled for high school students next month. Additional information is attached. The online application is available at

Be well,

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School

lunch app letter (1).pdf 


Tuesday, April 14

Dear LPS families,

Attached is a copy of the Action Plan developed around the Continuity of Learning Plan that was approved last week. This document will provide you with a closer look at the expectations for staff and students when school resumes on Monday, April 20th. I posted the information for all of our secondary students tonight and will be connecting with them on Google Meet over the next two days to answer any questions they might have. I'll be working with the elementary teachers this week to drop in to Google Classroom and Seesaw to connect with our youngers too. 

Our teachers will be calling all LPS students over the next three days to check in with them and to invite them to reconnect with us on Monday as active learning picks up again. Every family's situation is different. While some of you are eager for learning to begin, there are others who are feeling overwhelmed today, and the thought of adding one more thing seems impossible to comprehend. We understand, and I can guarantee you that whole range of emotions is present within our 70-person staff as well. We're going to do our best to meet you where you are and to provide a safe, connected and caring space for your child(ren) to continue learning.

Love and Comets,

Jeanne Gross

Leland Public School


Leland Public School CLP 2020 (1).pdf 

Sat., Apr 11


Dear LPS families,

Some good news! Our state-required Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan was approved Friday afternoon by TBAISD Superintendent Dr. Nick Ceglarek. I am grateful to Dr. Ceglarek and his staff for their help and guidance, especially over the past several weeks as we have been navigating unfamiliar territory amidst the current crisis. They are great partners with Leland Public School, and with this approval, we will begin implementing our Plan for remote learning.

This week, I will be communicating expectations for students, staff and families to all of our stakeholders. Monday and Tuesday, the staff will be working to finalize details, design communication, and coordinate schedules. On Wednesday, we will begin meeting online with groups of students and will be sharing virtual presentations with parents/guardians. These presentations will cover directions for accessing learning platforms and/or instructional learning packets, expectations for assigned school work, assessment policies, graduation plans, available resources, ways that you can support the students in your home, and more. If you do not have internet access, you will receive detailed information in hard copy. Throughout the week, LPS teachers will be contacting every student by phone and email to support their re-engagement in school. Active learning for all LPS students will resume on Monday, April 20th.

While life has been anything but normal since we left school on Friday, March 13th, the reality is that your child(ren) has missed 14 days of school. Uncertainty and stress have a way of warping our perception of time, and I know that the adjustment for LPS families has been overwhelming. You are suddenly asked to be parent, teacher, and coach all at the same time, and many of you are also trying to work from home or are facing unexpected unemployment. It is a lot to ask of anyone, and I hope that you are allowing yourself some grace during these trying times. Our Plan is designed to provide flexibility for families and to support meaningful connections with students. School at home will not look or feel the same way that it does inside the building, and this is okay. 

Please know that we have tried to meet your needs over the past few weeks. It has been very challenging given the shifting ground beneath our feet. I’m sure that we have failed in some instances, and I apologize for the times this may have happened. It’s not for lack of effort. Educators are known as people who run into the fire, and the LPS staff is no exception to this rule. As we prepare to move forward together, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the recent accomplishments of our staff and community:
A COVID-19 Response Team was formed and held their first meeting the afternoon of Sunday, March 15th. This group has been convening online nearly every other day to problem solve complex issues. They have worked tirelessly on behalf of LPS students, always keeping the health, safety and well-being of students, staff, and community at the center of EVERY decision.

The LPS maintenance crew sprang into action to clean and sanitize every classroom, common area, and office in the school. They worked alongside the construction crew as they were shutting down to make sure that the building and grounds are safe and secure during the school closure.

The LPS cafe staff have prepared and packaged more than 4500 individual meals to feed district students. These meals have been delivered twice a week by bus drivers to pick-up locations throughout the district, where staff and community volunteers have distributed them to families.

The deployment and calibrating of student and staff technology has been heroic. Students in grades 1-12 walked out the door with iPads in their hands, and our “tech guys” have been continuing to push out new apps and updates for them. We continue to pursue opportunities to provide connectivity for all LPS students. This is one of the major challenges in store for public education; we must lessen the digital divide.

Several community outreach programs have been initiated. These include creating and maintaining a database of LPS volunteers, contacting local agencies to offer support, gathering and making nearly 1000 protective masks for Munson Hospital, and supporting our LPS community healthcare workers by placing signs of appreciation in their front yards.

The LPS Board of Education was the first Board in the TBAISD region to hold a virtual meeting. They’ve gone on to hold four more public meetings on Zoom, including three nights of first-round interviews for superintendent candidates. 

LPS teachers surveyed our students and families to determine connectivity needs; engaged with students through online platforms, email, phone, and USPS; and are making nearly instantaneous changes to curriculum and instruction. They jumped in with both feet this week enrolling in courses themselves about online content delivery, supporting the social and emotional needs of children in a time of COVID-19, and exploring new technology to support remote learning.

These are a few of the highlights, but it’s certainly not an exhaustive list. And, more important than knowing what’s been done is understanding why. The answer is the same for every LPS employee: We do it for our students. In addition to uncertainty, we are also feeling sad. Yes, the school year will continue, even as the building is closed, but we miss our students’ smiling faces and laughter in the halls. We can’t wait to be together again! 

In the meantime, I am looking forward to the week ahead.

Jeanne Gross
Leland Public School 
On behalf of all LPS employees
Aidee Arevalo, Travis Baker, Karen Bardenhagen, Alice Beyers, Al Bodary, Pat Dashner, Ryan DeFour, Janet Denoyer, Evon Easling, Jeremy Evans, Brian Fedderman, Kristy Fisher, Kim Fowler, Amy Graham, Jeanne Gross, Mike Hartigan, Joanna Heinman-Aldridge, Sharon Hill, Tommy Hills, Justina Hlavka, Lani Hoenscheid-Smith, Dale Houdek, Sarah Keen, Curtis Kelenske, Paula Kelly, Jon Kiessel, Karen Kirt, Kim Klein, Ann Knudsen, Ryan Knudsen, Mary Ann Korson, Corinn Kowalski, Derek Kulpa, Kelsey LaCross, Heather Lowe, Tim McNeil, Kat Murphy, Lee Neveau, Dave Noble, Gail O’Connor, Beth Osorio, Pat Patterson, Jeremy Peplinski, Keven Pershinske, Tanya Popp, Larry Porter, Sandra Proctor-Pinazo, Sarah Ragains, Bruce Randall, Dave Ruszel, Mike Schaub, Danielle Schwarze, Shannon Scott, Nick Seguin, Eryn Sluiter, Jen Stachnik, Marjorie Steimel, Ashley Suttmann, Sandra Thomas, Taylor Vann, Jennifer Walter, Mark Walters, Pat Waters, Brandon Wheeler, Kathy Wheeler, Sue Wright, Jordan Wurm, Jenifer Zywicki


Board of Education 
John Elwell, Don McMullen, Bill Robinson, Ross Satterwhite, John Siddall, Tom Trumbull, Tanja Wittock


Mon., Apr. 6


Dear LPS families,

I have a couple of items to share today:

  1. An overview of April 6-10 Learning Enrichment Opportunities for LPS students is attached to this email. This K-12 overview will provide talking points for parents and children. Students can access the materials and links on Google Classroom or through the instructional packets mailed home to families who indicated that they did not have wifi access. At this point, teachers have contacted every LPS family to determine internet accessibility. If you need to update your information, please email me at
  2. If your family needs support with meals, please sign up online, pick up a form in the school vestibule, or email me at Meals are available for FREE to any child 0-18 in the Leland Public School Districts. Bags with meals for multiple days are available on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM -12:00 PM at one of three pick-up locations: Leland Public School car line, St. Mary School parking lot, Bingham boat launch.

We are working hard this week to develop our Continuity of Learning plan based on the State guidelines that were provided to us on Friday, April 3rd. As soon as our plan is approved by the TBA Intermediate School District, I will share additional details with you. Please be patient with us this week as we work through the complex details involved.

Thank you,

Jeanne McClure Gross

LPS Principal

Shared Parent Overview Week 3 - April 6 -10.pdf 


Thu., Apr. 2


Dear LPS families, 

Earlier today, Governor Whitmer issued an executive order suspending in-person instruction for all schools in Michigan for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. This paves the way for us to transition to distance learning, beginning with development of a Continuity of Learning & COVID Response Plan.  

The Governor emphasized that the top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of students and educators, and we concur. Providing opportunities for connection and support for our students and community will guide every decision that we make.  Under Governor Whitmer’s directive, the plan we are developing will emphasize compassion over compliance. All of us recognize that virtual teaching and learning will not look that same as it does in the classroom - that is an unrealistic expectation. But the teaching staff at Leland is creative, caring, and committed to meeting the needs of their students. 

Per Governor Whitmer’s executive order, additional guidance from Lansing will be delivered to us tomorrow. From there, we will begin to develop a plan to be submitted to the ISD next week for approval. LPS is very lucky compared to other districts in Michigan. Over the past twenty-five years, the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, staff, and YOU, our incredibly supportive community, have taken steps to ensure that LPS is well prepared to handle the crisis we are facing. Our students are 1:1 with iPads, our teachers are well-versed in technology and learning platforms, and our support staff knows how to reinforce student learning. We have everything we need to continue guiding our students as they learn at home. Our plan will also provide instructional strategies for LPS  families who live in areas where cell coverage does not exist. We are committed to providing learning opportunities for ALL of our students. 

We are tremendously grateful for your patience and support. While the task ahead is challenging, it is encouraging to have the guidance we need. I’ve attached Executive Order #2020-35 to this email. At 17 pages in length, it’s not a quick read, but it will give you some idea of the work we will be completing in the days ahead.

In closing, I want to give a quick shout-out to our seniors and their families. We are terribly sad that your children will not be returning to our hallways and that you will not be celebrating with them in the traditional way. Their sacrifice is heroic in its own way, and LPS staff is already generating ideas to celebrate their achievements in fun and memorable fashion. 

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.


EO 2020-35.pdf 

Sun., Mar 29


Dear LPS families,

I have a few updates to share with you this evening:

  • This week is Spring Break for Leland Public School. I will be disconnecting for the next several days, and LPS staff have been asked to do the same. The energy, enthusiasm, and caring they have demonstrated over the past two weeks is incredible. Across the board, they have performed heroically, venturing into unfamiliar territory, without any sort of map. This little  bit of down time will allow us all to re-energize and recalibrate for the changes in store, as I expect that the State will be issuing new directives for a continuation of learning in Michigan in the next several days. 
  • LPS will NOT be providing meal service during Spring Break this week, but we will resume meal service on Monday, April 6th. If your family needs support with meals, please sign up online, pick up a form in the school vestibule, or email me at
  • As part of our community outreach efforts, LPS is compiling a list of volunteers to share with local agencies in need of support. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please complete this online form. Due to the nature of the crisis we are facing, only volunteers over the age of 18 are eligible to sign-up at this time. 
  • You may have noticed some yard signs outside the homes of LPS families who have a healthcare worker in their household.  We are so thankful for their efforts to provide medical support during this uncertain time! Identifying these families isn’t a simple task. You can help by emailing me at with the (1) name, (2) medical support role, and (3) relationship to your LPS student of these caring and brave individuals!
  • Masks for Munson! LPS had delivered 500+ masks that I know about!  This community is incredible!!! We have placed a collection box in the vestibule of the school for mask drop-off, and these masks are delivered directly to Munson. The hospital is providing further information, including a pattern and how-to video, on their website.  Munson would like to thank mask-makers eventually, so please complete this form if you are contributing to the cause.  
  • Our response team has compiled a list of resources to provide support to Leelanau families. This document will continue to be updated as additional information is discovered, so please check back.

Thank you for your support. 

Be well,



Tue., Mar. 24


Dear LPS Families,

I hope you are holding up well after the first day of Gov. Whitmer’s  shelter-in-place order. I have a few updates to share with you this evening:

    •    Meal service: Thursday, March 26 is the last pick-up date scheduled before Spring Break, but we will resume meal service on Monday, April 6th. If your family needs support with meals, please sign up online, pick up a form in the school vestibule, or email me at 

    •    Some good news for our AP students! College Board is developing a new at-home testing option for students who have been enrolled in AP classes this year. Beginning tomorrow, AP will be offering free review classes online to provide support for AP students. More information available here. 

    •    As part of our community outreach efforts, LPS is compiling a list of volunteers to share with local agencies in need of support. While the shelter-in-place order impacts this initiative, we expect that the need for helping hands will continue into the foreseeable future. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please complete this online form. Due to the nature of the crisis we are facing, only volunteers over the age of 18 are eligible to sign-up at this time. 

    •    We would like to recognize the healthcare workers who are part of the LPS community. We are so thankful for their efforts to provide medical support during this uncertain time! You can help by sending me an email at with the (1) name, (2) medical support role, and (3) relationship to your LPS student of these caring and brave individuals!

    •    Masks for Munson! Many of you responded immediately to the request to help provide/donate masks to Munson Hospital during this crisis. The request went out at 10:30 PM last night and by 7:00 AM this morning, LPS had delivered 50 masks to support the cause. This community is incredible!!! We have collected more than 125 additional masks for delivery tomorrow, and many parents have written to say that they are willing to begin making masks. There is a collection box in the vestibule of the school for mask drop-off, and these masks will be delivered directly to Munson. The hospital is providing further information, including a pattern and how-to video, on their website.  

I’ve attached a resource about positive behavior support strategies that was located by members of our COVID-19 response team. I hope that it will provide you with some helpful suggestions for managing the unexpected situation that families  find themselves in today. While there are blessings to be found in togetherness, it was a very abrupt  transition, and I know that most of you are having to stretch yourselves in new directions to keep all the plates spinning. Positive behavior supports are one of the most effective strategies educators rely on, and these same strategies can work for you at home. Take it slow. Be good to one another and to yourself. You’re doing a great job!

Be well,


Ten-Steps for positive behavior at home.pdf 

Mask for Munson Collection Box.jpg 


 Mon., Mar. 23


Dear LPS Families,

I have a few updates to share with you:

    •    All Michigan schools will remain closed until April 13th. Gov. Whitmer announced this during her press conference today. Gov. Whitmer also announced a shelter-in-place order for all Michiganders. Our school food service program is deemed essential under this executive order, and we will continue to provide meals for families who need them. Thursday, March 26th is the last pick-up date scheduled before Spring Break, but we will resume meal service on Monday, April 6th. If your family needs support with meals, please sign up online, pick up a form in the school vestibule, or email me at 

    •    Our teaching staff volunteered to put together a parent overview (attached) of the suggested enrichment activities for this week. It is our hope that this grade-level overview will provide you and your child(ren) with talking points about the learning opportunities available for them on Google Classroom. Families who do not have wifi internet access at home will receive similar enrichment opportunities in the mail. The envelopes were dropped off at the post office this morning for distribution. 

    •    Conflicting directives are coming from MDE, Governor Whitmer, and now USDE Secretary Betsy DeVos. At the same time, Michigan lawmakers are in recess and not available to address required instructional days and hours. To say that it is a tangled mess is an understatement of humongous proportion. For now, these enrichment opportunities continue to be voluntary for students. They are not required, and they will not be graded, but they are an excellent way to keep curious learners growing, and they are recommended by your child(ren)’s teachers. 

    •    As part of our community outreach efforts, LPS is compiling a list of volunteers to share with local agencies in need of support. While today’s shelter-in-place order impacts this initiative, we expect that the need for helping hands will continue into the foreseeable future. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please complete this online form. Due to the nature of the crisis we are facing, only volunteers over the age of 18 are eligible to sign up at this time. 

    •    At school, it is the cafe staff, bus drivers, and staff volunteers who are our emergency first responders, but we also recognize that many of you have family members who work in the healthcare field. We are so thankful for their efforts to provide medical support during this uncertain time, and we would like to recognize these members of our LPS community! You can help by emailing me at with the (1) name, (2) medical support role, and (3) relationship to your LPS student of these caring and brave individuals!

While these are difficult days, there are some incredible things happening in our online community. I’m listening to the music of LPS parent Josh Davis on facebook live as I’m writing  this email to you. (Thanks, Josh!)  Our community partners The Old Art Building and Leelanau Children’s Center are offering some amazing opportunities for parents and kids to engage, and LPS  staff members are celebrating our local heroes in a personal instagram account @lps_everydayheroes. In this time of isolation, I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect!

A special shout-out tonight to the lead members of our COVID-19 Response Team: Dave Ruszel, Tim McNeil, Jenifer Zywicki, Kathy Wheeler, Barb Varley, Tommy Hills, Ann Knudsen, Paula Kelly, Mike Hartigan, Sandy Thomas, Heidi Kruse, and Megan Glynn. They connect up every day at 2:00 PM to strategize ways to support our students and their families, and they are some awesome humans. Thank you!

Be well,


Enrichment Opportunities - Parent Overview Week 2.pdf 


 Wed., Mar. 18


Dear LPS families,

While there are still many unanswered questions, our response team and staff are continuing to push for answers that will help alleviate some of the worry and uncertainty that all of us are feeling. Here’s what we know today:

What is the plan for providing meals for district students?
LPS will be providing meals for any student in the district who needs them. Meals can be picked up according to the following schedule:

  • Dates:         Thursday, March 19; Monday, March 23; Thursday, March 26 
  • Time:          11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Locations:   Leland Public School, St. Mary School, Bingham Boat Launch

How do I request a meal?
Fill out the online form. Stop in the school vestibule for a printed form. Send me an email at

What happens if I haven’t filled out a form and I need a meal?
We’ll have extra meals available at Leland Public School between 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Come through our car line, and we’ll be able and happy to assist you.

Are the meals available for any student?
Yes. We have meals for any student in the district who needs them. Please know that the intention is to provide meals based on need. Our heroic cafe staff, bus drivers, and volunteers are working extremely hard to make this happen for Leland families, so please don’t grab a meal just for fun. If you need a meal, we’ve got you covered! If not, thanks for skipping the lunch line.

What about Spring Break?
LPS will not be providing meals over Spring Break. If the closure is extended, we’ll be back at pick-up points on Monday, April 6th.

Should my child be doing school work?
Yes. We hope that our students are continuing to grow as learners! But, please know that converting a K-12 school from bricks-and-mortar to distance learning over a single weekend is not as easy as it sounds! As a staff, we have been strategizing and planning and brainstorming ways to make sure that every student in our district is able to continue to grow as a learner. This week, teachers were able to provide resources for your child(ren) to explore. Next week, teachers will be providing suggested activities at every grade-level for every class. These enrichment activities will be found on Google Classroom for students who are able to access the internet from home. Students who do not have high-speed internet coverage at their home will have printed packets mailed directly to the address listed in PowerSchool. If you do not receive a packet, and you do not have reliable access to the internet, please make your child’s teacher aware so we can get materials out to you. We will continue to move forward together!

Will these activities be graded? 
No. Educational laws are more complex than you might imagine. The suggested activities are not required, and they will not be graded. But they are good for you, and we hope that you will engage with us while the school building is closed. LPS teachers are passionate about teaching and learning, and they want to stay connected with your child!

Will my child be expected to take the M-STEP, MME, PSAT, SAT or AP Exam?
Don’t know. This is one of many questions that we do not have an answer for yet. We also don’t know how long school will be closed or if we will have to make up days in the summer... We are waiting on Michigan lawmakers to provide direction. As soon as we have answers to these questions and more, I’ll let you know.

Any general suggestions to help with learning at home?
Yes! Try to mirror the schedule that your child was accustomed to at school. During math block, work on math practice, during reading block, do some reading, eat lunch around the same time. Don’t forget to take brain breaks and to get outside. Keeping regular days will provide a sense of security and structure. Don’t try to do everything at once. Teachers are intentionally cutting back on the workload to prevent anyone (students or parents) from becoming overwhelmed. If your child is struggling or showing signs of frustration, stop and take a break to regroup. This is a journey not a race. 

All of us are facing uncertainty. Tomorrow will bring new decisions. Our promise to you is that the choices we make will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students and families. We will be open and transparent with you as new information is available, and we will continue to do our very best to support you. 

Be well,




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