Back to School Supply Lists


Please make sure you send in:  

  • a “cold lunch” from home or lunch money for “hot lunch” from school-your child should know the plan from you                                                                                  

  • a shoebox type container, label with name, and a change of clothes w/underwear(all clothes labeled)                                                        

  • a backpack for bringing things to and from home                                                          

  • a sturdy pair of shoes for running and playing-can leave at school!                                                             

  • a plan about where your child goes after school every day of the week (please have this in writing AND tell your child about the plan every day!)                                                                                

  • we could use disinfectant wipes, boxes of soft tissues, baggies of all sizes (especially gallon sized) and pump hand sanitizer for our classroom (preferably the kind with aloe and/or moisturizer) 

  • any forms that need to come back to school

markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, etc. are provided.  If you would like to send extras of these items to class, they will be combined and shared.

1st/2nd Grade Supply List 

Classroom Wish Lists - 

These items are needed throughout the entire year and while not a requirement are greatly appreciated by your child’s teacher. These items will be shared among the entire class and can be brought in a separate bag on the first day of school. 

  • Black & Colored Sharpies

  • Clorox Clean-Up wipes or surface cleaner 

  • Skin color crayola crayons

  • Dry Erase (expo) Markers

  • Snack sized ziploc bags

  • Packaging Tape

  • Duct Tape

  • Deck of cards

  • Play dough, clay, other tactile play items. 

  • Craft supplies- Pipe cleaners, glitter, sequins, stickers etc. 

We go through all of these items like crazy, so any amount is appreciated and will be put to use throughout the school year. 


We will have a daily snack together. You are expected to send snacks in for your child each day. We also appreciate snack donations for the classroom. 

Student Materials- If you are unable to purchase these items, we will be sure to have extras!

  • 1 Pack of Ticonderoga Pencils- this brand is preferred as it is much easier to sharpen

  • 1 or 2 skinny expo (dry erase markers) and a sock or other item to use as an eraser 

  • 1 Highlighter

  • A pencil bag to keep their supplies organized in their bins

  • 1 wide ruled composition notebook (no spirals) 

  • Any other “fun” school supplies you want to send with your child to make them excited about school are welcome :) 

  • Extra clothing in a small bin, box or bag labeled with your child’s name. 

  • Water bottle, clearly labeled and filled with water each day. 

  • A sunscreen stick of your choice (if your child needs it) labeled with your name or a hat to wear on sunny days for recess. 

3rd/4th Supply List 

Essential Items: Please note that these items are not required but appreciated. Starred items are used most often. 

1- 24 pack of crayons 

2- 24 packs of #2 Ticonderoga pencils ***** 

1 pencil sharpener 

2 glue sticks 

1 pair of good scissors *****

2 pocket folders- plastic preferred 

Crayola markers **** 

Colored pencils 

2 black sharpies **** 

1 ruler **** 

1 pair inexpensive headphones **** 

2 essay notebooks- wide rule 

1 soft zipper pouch or small pencil box **** 

Classroom Donations 

Paper plates 



Bleach wipes 

Paper towels 

5th Grade Supply List

The following supplies will help your child be organized as they embark on their final year in elementary and need to come with them the first day of school, September 6, as we will set up these organizational binders. If you need help with these materials being provided for your student, please let us know in advance of the first day of school: 

  •  1-inch binder

  • ½ inch binder

  • Pencil case with 3 holes that can go in binder 

  • a few pens (two different colors)

  • highlighters

  • 4 folders with pockets and 3 holes to go in binder

  • 2 packs of either college or wide ruled paper

  • 2 sets of binder dividers

  • pack of Ticonderoga pencils

6th-8th Grade Supply List

Here is the list of supplies for the 6th-8th grades: (Please let us know if you are in need of supplies.) Make sure you bring all these items with you to school on September 6th.

  • A few pens (one a different color) 

  • Lots of pencils

  • Highlighter(s) 

  • Notecards 

  • Notebooks for each class if not using paper in your binder (5 total)

ELA Supplies:

  • One 11/2 or 2”, 3-ring binder. This binder will stay in the ELA classroom rather than travel between school and home, so it must be a separate binder for ELA-only. Students who are returning to Leland having had Mrs. Aldridge last year may have left last year’s binder in our classroom, ready to go! 

  • One homework folder with holes for clipping into binders. This will travel from school to home and you can see an example here

  • Dividers/tabs (5 tabs needed) for organizing the ELA binder

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper to add to the binder, or a composition notebook with holes that can be clipped into a 3-ring binder (whichever the student prefers). 

  • Optional: highlighters (3-4 different colors)

9th-12th Grade Supply List

  • Notebook for each class

  • Binder to keep yourself organized

  • Pens, Pencils, and Colored Pencils

  • Highlighters (preferably 3 different colors)

  • Index cards