Leland Boosters Club

Booster Club Annual Chicken Dinner held at the Bluebird on May 7 from 5-8 pm. 

The Leland Boosters Club was founded in 1973 by Dee Glass, Carol Munoz, and Jim Telgard, to help fund the away games for the boys basketball team. These brilliant co-founders hit upon a great idea, and one that continues today, as we raise funds for a myriad of school-related endeavors. 

Each year we try to raise on average of 4-5 thousand dollars to help with classroom trips, bus fuel, books, art and music supplies, lab equipment, media equipment, teacher and student supplies, basketball camps, markers, pencils, and any and all supplies that a classroom needs to raise successful and engaged humans. 

Our goal at the end of the school year is to have a zero balance in our account! We estimate that in the past 46 years, the Boosters Club has donated back to the school approximately $200,000. 

Each spring, we have a Chicken Dinner fundraiser at our local Leland restaurant, The Bluebird. The Telgard family graciously donates their entire restaurant and all food to this event, so that all profits can go directly back into our school. 

This means that they ask their wait staff and kitchen staff to volunteer their time, so LPS can receive every penny made from this event.  To say that Skip and Lynn Telgard are committed to our community is an understatement. We are ever so humbled by their kindness and generosity.   

Current Boosters Club Officers:

  • President: Cheryl Robinson

  • Treasurer: Gwen Martin

  • Secretary: Anne Morgan

For more information, or to join the Boosters Club, contact Cheryl Robinson at Email Cheryl Robinson, or the front office at Leland Public School 231-256-9857. 

Our Mission Statement:

We are a very small non-profit that concentrates on building faster, stronger, smarter kids, through small donations that our LPS teachers have deemed necessary to advance the knowledge of our children.  We believe in helping each classroom achieve the commitment of engaging a child in the most positive manner, in an effort to raise conscientious, kind, and intelligent kids.  If our checking account has money, we will donate whatever it takes to help our school. This is our solemn promise.