Routine Operational Millage & Recurring Technology and Transportation Bond Proposals 

Special Election May 2, 2023 


  1. The millage proposal is a renewal of millage that Leland voters have approved/renewed annually for many years. It isn’t a new millage or a tax increase.

  2. The millage is only levied on non-exempt, non-homestead property (commercial property, business, second homes, rental property). 

  3. Homestead property (primary homes) are exempt. Most voters probably haven’t paid the operating millage and won’t pay it in the future.

  4. Levying 10.9013 mills is required for the district to receive full State funding.

  5. If the millage isn’t renewed, the district would lose more than $4.5 million in operating funding for 2023-24, and each year thereafter unless and until the voters approve a renewal.

  • Operational Millage dollars pay for the normal operations of the school 

    • Teacher salaries and all employee costs 

    • Curricular materials and programming 

    • Athletics 

    • Activities, extra curricular activities 

    • Classroom supplies and materials 

    • Furniture 

    • Routine upkeep and maintenance 

  • Tech and Transportation Bond pays for: 

    • School buses

    • One-one student and staff devices such as ipads and laptops

    • Technology infrastructure and equipment such as 

    • Updated fiber cables 

    • Switches 

    • Wireless access points 

    • Battery backups

Operational Millage and Technology and Transportation Bond Frequently Asked Questions