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Mission Statement

Inspire and connect students and their community in developing essential skills to lead fulfilling lives.


Leland Public School strives to foster an inclusive culture and community that develops and prepares global learners through high quality instruction and opportunities.


We make decisions to serve students first 
We aspire to provide world-class opportunities
We build transgenerational relationships
Everyone feels welcome/celebrated
We develop critical thinkers for global citizenship
We foster environments of consistency and transparency

Board Goals

  • Identify and address staff stressors to improve workplace satisfaction

  • Identify staff needs and incorporate methods to increase support from district leadership

  • Restore instructional staffing levels to pre-pandemic numbers (or higher) to provide more varied learning opportunities

  • Restructure compensation to attract and retain excellent staff

  • Establish avenues of communication to encourage meaningful input from students, staff, and parents

  • Strengthen all stakeholders’ sense of belonging and inclusivity to foster a stronger school community

  • Provide new programs/classes to create more opportunities for our students

  • Improve school pride to enhance our sense of community

  • Evaluate, investigate, and implement systems to more effectively communicate within our LPS community

Board Members

  • John Elwell - President

  • Tom Trumbull

  • Logan Suttmann

  • Bill Duperon

  • Kate Vilter Stassen

  • Mary Fleishman

  • Chris Alpers

Meeting Schedule

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Meeting Accommodations

Upon request to the Superintendent, the District shall make reasonable accommodations for a person with a disability to be able to participate in these meetings. Please call 231-256-9857.